To help people find a balance between their body, clarity of mind and energy, I teach, through individual sessions:

  • Breath, relaxation and tension release
  • Energy recovery
  • How to create silence in your mind
  • Awareness and release reactions that prevent you from recovering health and well-being.
  • Body awareness and free movements
  • develop body awareness to gain more autonomy

    For my practice I will use various tools.
    One of these is the analysis of the foot that allows me to have a fairly clear vision of how a person's body reacts to life situations. This analysis allows for example to identify areas of tension, collecting various vital flows and imbalances that may affect them. This technique allows us to determine which areas of priority work and the strategies to use.

    Everything that happens in the body can be felt and processed. It is therefore to help the person on the one hand, to understand better the links between what is happening in his body and imbalance and, secondly, to act to stop the reactions and habits that maintain this imbalance.

    Other tools I use for this are touching as massage, verbal instructions and movement. The duration of the process depends on the severity of the imbalance and seniority.

    These sessions should never replace conventional medical treatment regardless of your health issue.


    ONE hour session 100 Sfr.

    Program *The Will* 6 session 5h30 within 2 weeks: 400 frs

    As a practitioner credited by ASCA (Fondation Suisse pour les médecines complémentaires), certain insurances may participate in the cost of these sessions. Find out more here:


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